IH&IH Bakery Boxes

Each Bakery Box will contain a dozen full-sized oatcakes (a different variety of flavors each month), plus 2 or 3 other types of delicious handmade treats.  You’ll be able to enjoy these goodies fresh, but they’ll also be packaged so you can freeze or store them for a period of time.  

February’s box will include:

-       12 Oatcakes (TBA)

-       TBA

-     TBA

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The easiest way to order your Bakery Box is using our online order form below  You can also call us at 506-440-9753, or email  You can order one month at a time, or order for multiple months to take advantage of discounted pricing. 

Bakery Boxes will typically be available on the first Wednesday of every month, and the schedule will be available online at  Orders must be received by one week before the delivery date to receive that month's box.  We’ll announce what is in each month 1-2 weeks before boxes go out.  Please note, because of the nature of this program we are not able to substitute items; however, if you would like to order any additional items, we’re happy to add these to your delivery. 

Payment is required at the time of order for all IH&IH Bakery Boxes. 
We’re happy to accept credit cards or e-transfers, or you can also make arrangements to use cash or debit.